XTEM preparation kit

EMS offers this kit specifically for the preparation of cross-sectional TEM (XTEM) specimens.

For the study of interfaces (such as semiconductor devices, thin film layers, etc.) by transmission electron microscope (TEM) it is critical to use TEM samples of ultimate quality (perfectly embedded, mechanically pretreated and ion milled ones). EMS offers a complete technology and product range for preparing cross-sectional samples of these quality including specially designed mechanical sample preparation tools and embedding ring. The EMS-XTEMprep Preparation Kit offers all the tools and materials that help to prepare high-quality cross-sectional TEM specimens

The Kit includes

  • Microsaw – sectioning tool
  • Micropol – grinder and polisher
  • Microheat – embedding tool
  • Embedding rings ("Ti disc") – 5 of each size
  • Special purpose mechanical tools (HSS) for embedding
  • Ion beam resistant glue
  • LEIT-C conductive carbon cement
  • Thermoplastic transparent glue
  • Diamond paste


Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 28-05-2024
EMS50110-XTEM XTEM preparation kit Preparation kit Each See above Quote only Quote
EMS55110-AT1 XTEM preparation kit Ion beam resistant glue Each See above Quote only Quote
EMS55110-MW XTEM preparation kit Transparent glue Each See above Quote only Quote