NIGHTSEA add-on light and filter set

Each add-on excitation/emission set consists of: Light Head* Barrier Filter Viewing Shield Padded Storage Box *Please note: Light Head connectors come in two types. They are not interchangeable. The new style connector is called a BNC, and the original connector is a V1. There are two differences - the connector on the end of the gooseneck and the mating connector on the back of the light head. It is easy to tell them apart: The BNC connector on the gooseneck is silver, while the V1 connector...

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Microheat Hotplate, MH2

Microheat is a heat stabilised small hot plate combined with power supply designed for embedding samples and for thermoplastic gluing under stereooptical microscope. The Microheat was developed to make the embedding procedure easier. Due to its small dimensions it can be easily placed on the specimen table of the stereooptical microscope and this way gluing faults can be avoided. This result is especially important in case of samples requiring bubble-free sticking (e.g. cross-sectional sample...

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Digital hotplate/magnetic stirrer, 230V (EMS)

EMS hotplates, stirrers and hotplate-stirrers feature an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant, white ceramic work surface. Their space-efficient design 190 x 292mm (7.5 x 11.5inch) footprint, makes them ideal for use on crowded benchtops and inside bio-hoods.Advanced microprocessor controls allow quick, precise adjustment of speed and temperature. The large, backlit LCD display provides constant visualization of the speed and temperature while a safety LED indicates when the top plate is...

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