EMS from ProSciTech

ProSciTech is proud to be able to offer the entire Electron Microscopy Sciences range – the most comprehensive source of products for all fields of microscopy and general laboratory research available – to our Australian and New Zealand customers. 

We do hold some frequently requested EMS products in stock (for example Glutaraldehyde and Paraformaldeyde) and also order from EMS weekly so you can be assured you will be getting your items quickly and without customs and exchange rate hassles.

ProSciTech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company which evolved from the family business Probing & Structure. Established in 1979, Probing & Structure quickly filled a void in the Australian electron microscopy field for the prompt delivery of laboratory consumables.  We soon became the preferred supplier to customers from all major science areas while remaining specialised in light and electron microscopy, histology, and vacuum technologies. 

 ProSciTech is committed to continual improvement of our customer service experience. Your comments and recommendations are welcome.