Tempfix, SEM adhesive

A thermoplastic adhesive for mounting powder specimens and small particles especially for SEM. It does not contain any solvents and it is stable in high vacuum. It is not sticky at room temperature but becomes adhesive at 40 deg. C and melts at 120 deg. C. Tempfix may also be used as an embedding medium.
The kit contains two glue sticks, a pin-type mount with a lock-screw and several pieces of aluminium shim. The glue is applied to Al shim pieces on a hotplate at 120 deg. C. These coated pieces may be stored for future use. Sprinkle particular specimens onto coating of Al shim and heat briefly on hotplate to 40 deg. C. Tap or blow off any loose particles and then coat specimen. The shim may be examined after fastening to the supplied pin-type mount with set-screw.

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