Temperature sensitive vial shippers

A special shipping tool collection includes shipping vials that are frozen and refrigerated.  These ready-to-use packages include everything to hold products prone to temperature in peak condition.

Simply load your items, add U-tekphase change material pack, and close the shipper.

Shippers (Model 480-413) Shippers (Models 413-C24)
  • EPS container & lid
  • 24oz, U-tekphase change material
  • reusable polyethylene platform
  • corrugated shipping carton
  • EPS container & lid
  • corrugated shipping carton
  • 24-hole flexible foam insert
Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
EMS61519-13 Temperature sensitive vial shippers Model 480-413 Pack/2 2 weeks $174.00 AUD
EMS61519-24 Temperature sensitive vial shippers Model 413-C24 Pack/2 2 weeks $176.00 AUD