Teeny laser Tough-Tags

Laser Teeny Tough-Tags, 7 Across-22 Down

Labels for Microcentrifuge Tubes and Other Containers

Temperature-Resistant - From -40°C to 121°C. Tough-Tags resist boiling water baths, autoclaving and moderate freezer temperatures.

Tough - Chemically inert, polyester sheets resist most organic solvents and caustic agents. They adhere to most plastics*, glass and metals without cracking, peeling or degrading.

Compatible - Tubes labeled with Tough-Tags easily slide in and out of centrifuge rotors without binding.

Specially Designed - Label sheets are specially top-coated to readily accept laser printing. Heat-resistant, stay-flat sheets will not jam in laser printers.

Laser Teeny Tough-Tag: 23mm x 8mm

Ideal Use: 0.2ml PCR tubes

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-05-2024
I34-722-W Teeny laser Tough-Tags Pack/3850 See above $155.00 AUD