Stereo viewers

A simple device, used for viewing a set of 3-dimensional aerial photos in 3-dimension. It comes with two support legs that are folded flat for storage and are unfolded for the viewing position. Photos are viewed through the two lenses simultaneously with both eyes.

Stereo viewer, X2:

Lenses may be adjusted for suitable eye-to-eye width. The coated lenses are 32mm in diameter and magnifying power is X2. Size: 118mm x 56mm x 124mm. Net Weight: 227g.

Mirror stereo viewer:

For viewing 4"x5" stereo pairs. Magnifier can be replaced. Base line spacing: 260mm, magnification: 1.8X, field of view without magnifier: 260x200mm, field of view with magnifier: 210 x 150mm, maximum size set up: 713 x 2.

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EMS68105 Stereo viewers Mirror stereo viewer Each See above Quote only Quote