Sputter target, 0.2mm thick

EMS precious metal sputtering targets are made from high purity metals, starting 99.99% with most standard disc sizes, for use on most sputtering units from many manufacturers: Emitech, Emscope, Bio-Rad, Polaron, Edwards, Balzers, Plasma Sciences, Technics Hummers, Denton, Cressington, and much more.

Targets come in a standard thickness of 0.1mm (100µm). Other thickness, ranging from 0.05 to 6mm, are available upon request. Targets are available mounted or unmounted, please state the make and the model of the sputtering unit to assist with mounting requirements. Targets in other materials and with diameters from 4mm to 304.8mm are available upon request.

Pricing may fluctuate due to the price of precious metals, contact us for a quote.

Gold/Palladium (Au/Pd): Supplied as standard. Has the same properties (sputtering rate, secondary electron yield, cost) as gold but the sputtered grain size is smaller. 

Gold (Au): Gold sputter coating is still widely used in many laboratories 

Platinum (Pt): The sputtered grain size is smaller than gold or gold/palladium. Platinum has a slower sputtering rate and is more expensive than gold or gold/palladium.

Code Title Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 06-03-2024
EMS91017-.2-AP Sputter target, 0.2mm thick Gold/Palladium (Au/Pd) Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS91017-.2-AU Sputter target, 0.2mm thick Gold Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS91017-.2-PT Sputter target, 0.2mm thick Platinum Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote