Slide duplicating moulds

Slide Duplicating Moulds

Uses a 1 x 3" glass slide as a base, and duplicates the slide using the resin of your choice. Tissue sections are embedded against the flat glass surface. This duplicated resin slide can be studied under the Light Microscope, then cut, remounted, resectioned, and studied under the EM. 

Two designs available:

EMS70170 A three cavity mould, each cavity measuring: 1" W x 3" L x 3/32" D. Reference & Instructions enclosed.
A two cavity mould with the addition of three round cavities to fit slides with coverslips which are 17mm in diameter and 1mm deep

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 24-05-2024
EMS70170 Slide duplicating moulds 3 cavity mould Each See above $53.00 AUD
EMS70172 Slide duplicating moulds 2 cavity mould Each See above $53.00 AUD