Rubis ion tweezers, style OO

Rubis ion tweezers are made from finest stainless steel grade, these tweezers are perfect companions for your daily use in the laboratory. We recommend that safety gloves still be used whenever handling any infectious materials.

Style O: Straight, med points

This innovation has  resulted in a special coating surface on the tweezers which releases silver ions. These ions act as an anti-bacterial agent which helps protect the users. Unlike other methods, the use of ion technology does not give rise to any resistance. Consequently, it represents a risk-free method of guaranteeing hygiene, even at workstations where instruments are used by several different people.

Code Title Style Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 30-05-2024
EMS78146-OO Rubis ion tweezers, style OO Straight, med points SS Each See above $69.00 AUD