PHEM buffer

PHEM buffer has mostly been utilised to treat tissues and cell cultures for immunocytochemical research.  Most antigens, particularly intracellular antigens, stain better in PHEM than in PBS; it also has a more restricted influence on metabolic processes and enzymes. The preservation of cellular ultrastructure, particularly microtubules, is another advantage of using PHEM.

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Store refrigerated 2-8°C

EMS11162 / EMS11163 - SDS

EMS11164 / EMS11165 - SDS

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EMS11162 PHEM buffer 0.1M 225ml See above $118.00 AUD
EMS11163 PHEM buffer 0.1M 500ml See above $193.00 AUD
EMS11164 PHEM buffer 0.2M 225ml See above $118.00 AUD
EMS11165 PHEM buffer 0.2M 500ml See above $193.00 AUD