NovaRack and NovaChambers

NovaRack and NovaChamber

Unique Cone-Shaped Storage Racks For Easy Sample Viewing

Organise ? Easily view, organise and track up to 46 tubes including 24 tubes 0.5 to 2.0ml, 14 x tubes 13ml, 7 x tubes 15ml, and 1 x tube 50ml.

Durable ? Constructed of durable polypropylene and autoclavable

Stackable ? Use the Stacking Adapter to double available bench space

Freezable ? Turn the rack over and fill with water for freezing. A non-slip rubber bottom (included with each NovaChamber) keeps the water/ice contained for a portable ice chamber rack.

Molded numbers - For easy sample tracking, each rack has moulded numbers.

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-05-2024
EMS61610-3 NovaRack and NovaChambers Yellow rack Each See above $134.00 AUD
EMS61610-4 NovaRack and NovaChambers Pink rack Each See above $134.00 AUD
EMS61610-50 NovaRack and NovaChambers Stacking adapter Each See above $41.00 AUD
EMS61611-1 NovaRack and NovaChambers Red chamber Each See above $174.00 AUD
EMS61611-3 NovaRack and NovaChambers Yellow chamber Each See above $174.00 AUD
EMS61611-4 NovaRack and NovaChambers Pink chamber Each See above $174.00 AUD