Manomark marking pen

Writes on all plastic, glass, metal, wool, paper and cloth, including "PTFE", fluoropolymer resins. With its precision seal valve the pens life is preserved and as well it allows for a smooth flow of ink even if it's left uncapped. Once dry, the solvent base ink is temperature resistant from 0°C to 155°C (32°F to 310°F)

Markings are insoluble in water or hydrocarbons, resist many solvents, and are easily removed with alcohol.

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 01-03-2024
EMS72127-AS Manomark marking pen Assorted Pack/12 2 weeks $215.00 AUD
EMS72127-B1 Manomark marking pen Black Each 2 weeks $25.00 AUD
EMS72127-B12 Manomark marking pen Black Pack/12 2 weeks $215.00 AUD