Lifterslip mSeries slides

mSeries LifterSlip are manufactured from 1mm thick glass specially drawn for flatness and superior surface quality. The 1mm thickness has increased stiffness that reduces variation in hybridization fluid volume. Precise ink printing provides an innovative raised edge design for consistent dispersal and easy injection of hybridization solution under the prepositioned lifterslip. mSeries Lifterslip Features: 1mm thick Uniform disposal of hybridisation solution Reduced hybridisation fluid volume variations Superior flatness - substrate does not flex or bow Precision cut edges Superior surface quality Consistent flatness

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 25-05-2024
EMS72181-40 Lifterslip mSeries slides 22 x 40mm Pack/50 See above $205.00 AUD
EMS72182-60 Lifterslip mSeries slides 24 x 60mm Pack/50 See above $205.00 AUD
EMS72183-25 Lifterslip mSeries slides 25 x 25mm Pack/50 See above $205.00 AUD