Gridded microscope slides

These 3x1" slides have an indexed grid on the reverse side of the frosted end. The ink is resistant to stains and common laboratory solvents. Each square grid fills one low-powered-field (approximately 100X magnification). These slides make it easy to locate an organism or cell every time. There are sixty-four squares in total. The slides are available with coatings of Poly-L-Lysine or Silane, or they can be purchased plain (uncoated).

The grid measures 2 mm square-16mm total. Numbers 1-8 and alpha A-H. 

Code Title Coating Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 01-03-2024
EMS63405-01 Gridded microscope slides Uncoated Pack/72 2 weeks $175.00 AUD
EMS63405-02 Gridded microscope slides Uncoated Pack/144 2 weeks $301.00 AUD
EMS63406-01 Gridded microscope slides Poly-L-Lysine Pack/72 2 weeks $183.00 AUD
EMS63406-02 Gridded microscope slides Poly-L-Lysine Pack/144 2 weeks $308.00 AUD
EMS63407-01 Gridded microscope slides Silane Pack/72 2 weeks $178.00 AUD