Glow writer pen and replacement nibs

Glow Writer is a phosphorescent pen for marking chemiluminescent and isotope-labeled substrates for X-ray film autography. The unique marker delivers a phosphor-containing ink through a fine point porous nib. Before exposure to X-ray film, the phosphorescent writing is excited by room light. 

The pen utilises a phosphor ink having an optimum concentration of phosphor and a relatively short afterglow half-life (approximately 2-3 minutes) has been selected so that upon exposure to X-ray film, autographic exposures of almost any duration will be easily readable on the film. The fine point nib is easily replaceable if it dries out.

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-04-2024
EMS68551-01 Glow writer pen and replacement nibs Glow writer pen Each See above $148.00 AUD
EMS68551-RT Glow writer pen and replacement nibs Replacement nibs Pack/4 See above $35.00 AUD