Formaldehyde spill response kit in hard case

Reduce Exposure to Formaldehyde Gas.
This kit is a convenient emergency response kit for personnel using formalin or other formaldehyde-containing substances. It is ideal for containing small volume spills.* Available in highly visible, durable, easy-to-share hard vinyl case.

This Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit features FSC-1 to reduce exposure to formaldehyde gas in the event of a spill. The formalin is transformed into an easily removable semi-solid mass, and the resulting mass cools rapidly, minimizing formaldehyde off-gassing. 

.*Where a significant volume of fluid must be contained, notify emergency response personnel in accordance with facility guidelines.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x 11oz bottle of FSC-1? solidifier (EMS #24140-01)
  • 1 x Pair vented goggles 
  • 1 x Respirator 
  • 1 x Open backed gown to protect clothing 
  • 1 x Pair nitrile gloves 
  • 4 x Scoop/scrapers 
  • 3 x Wiper pads 
  • 4 x Thirty gallon bags

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