EMS-9000 microwave processing chamber

Microwave processing tissues for electron microscopy can yield inconsistent results caused by different microwave distribution patterns within the microwaves chamber. Exact, consistent placement of samples within the chamber is key to achieving uniform results. After two years of development and testing at a leading University Hospital, Electron Microscopy Sciences is proud to introduce the MPC 9000. The MPC 9000 developed only for our use in our top-of-the-line EMS 9000 laboratory microwave processor, hits the target that every laboratory needs: consistent processing, vacuum infiltration, and quick specimen turnaround.


  • Sturdy heat and chemical resistant guide frame.
  • Uses standard EMS Lynx I & II specimen handling technology
  • Two tip-proof processing stations for disposable processing vials.
  • A wide range of processing baskets configurations available.
  • Feed-through for process temperature probe placement while under vacuum.
  • The low-maintenance chamber disassembles for easy cleaning.
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EMS97045 EMS-9000 microwave processing chamber Each See above $1,248.00 AUD