Durcupan water soluble embedding kit (DG)

A water soluble embedding medium for EM based on an aliphatic polyepoxide.
By Fluka A.G

CAS# 25068-38-6

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Component Contents
A 100g of embedding substance, a water-soluble aliphatic polyepoxide (the former Experimental Product X 133/2097 of the CIBA Aktiengesellschaft, Base, Switzerland)
B 100g of 964 hardener, an anhydride of a diazide with aliphatic side chain
C 20g of 960 hardener, a phenol derivative with amino groups
D 20g of plasticizer (dibutyl phthalate)

These four components make up a polymerizable mixture.

Kit of 260g is sufficient for a minimum of 10 embeddings.
Store at room temperature.

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