Durcupan ACM epoxy (DG)

An aromatic polyepoxide is a colorless resin of relatively low viscosity with virtually no shrinkage.

Technical Data Sheet

Kit consists of:

Single Component A (5 x 100ml) CAS # 25068-38-6 SDS UN3082 Class 9 PG III

Single component B  (5 x 100ml) SDS  Hazardous Non-DG

Single component C  (1 x 100ml)  SDS  Hazardous Non-DG

Single component D  (1 x 100ml)  SDS CAS # 84-74-2 UN3082 Class 9 PG III

EMS14041 - Component A/M Resin SDS

EMS14042  - Component B Hardener SDS  Hazardous Non-DG

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-05-2024
EMS14040 Durcupan ACM epoxy (DG) Kit 1200ml See above $1,162.00 AUD
EMS14041 Durcupan ACM epoxy (DG) Component A/M Resin 100ml See above $208.00 AUD
EMS14042 Durcupan ACM epoxy (DG) Component B Hardener 100ml See above $192.00 AUD