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Dumont mini tweezers style M5 (EMS)

Dumont tweezers style M5 have Type 5 mini, very thin tips. 

Standard magnetic stainless steel composed of C, Mn, Cr and Si. Not as hard as carbon steels. Resist Temperatures of 400°C. Cannot be sterilised.

Code Grade Material Tip Thickness x Width
EMS0302-M5S-PS Electronic Inox 02,matte 0.06 x 0.1mm

When selecting these tweezers, reference should be made to the following

1. Tweezer style

2. Material and finish used

3. The grade tip

Tweezers - Styles and Tips Guide

Dumont Tweezers - Grade and Material

Code Title Grade Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 25-05-2024
EMS0302-M5S-PS Dumont mini tweezers style M5 (EMS) Biological Inox 02, matte Each See above $58.00 AUD