Disposable vacuum filters, 1000ml bottle-top unit

The Disposable vacuum filters for 1000ml bottle-top units have a tubing adapter that fits most vacuum hoses. Available in 33mm and 45mm neck sizes. Connector neck with unique polyethylene gasket ensures a positive seal between filtration unit and collecting bottle.  Units come individually packaged and are pre-sterilised by gamma irradiation, certified non-pyrogenic. Pre-filters included.

There is choice of membrane media: 

  • Cellulose acetate (CA), for low protein binding. 
  • Nylon (NYL), for low extractable. 
  • Cellulose Nitrate (CN), for general purpose filtration
  • Polyethersulfone (PES), for fast flow rates and low protein binding.

Membranes come in 0.20 pore sizes. All four-type membranes are detergent-free, tissue culture compatible, and heat-sealed to the support grid to maximise flow rate, reduce foaming and protein denaturisation. Ideal for filtration of tissue culture media, biological fluids, fixation buffers etc. (not for parenteral use.)

Membrane type: CA - Orange, NYL - Red, CN - Blue,  PES - Yellow

Code Title Membrane Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-02-2024
WEMS67052-52 Disposable vacuum filters, 1000ml bottle-top unit PES (Yellow) Pack/12 2 weeks $576.00 AUD
WEMS67052-54 Disposable vacuum filters, 1000ml bottle-top unit CA (Orange) Pack/12 2 weeks $523.00 AUD