Conductive Lift-N-Press adhesive tabs

This ½" (12mm) diameter conductive tabs are similar to our adhesive tabs, but they work like carbon adhesive tabs. Just remove tab from the roll, press onto surface where you need the film, lift "tab" and peel it off. The tabs can be cut to desired size before being removed from its backing, for use on smaller samples.

Smoother background – Over 99% transparent to EDS
High strength adhesive
Better particle detection
Adhesive only 0.002" thick
Content a traces of nickel (<0.6%) and copper (<0.3%)
250 tabs per roll.
An affordable double-sided conductive tab for all SEM samples.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 28-06-2022
EMS76762-01 Conductive Lift-N-Press adhesive tabs Roll/250 2 weeks $92.00 AUD