CMCP macroinvertebrate mountant

CMCP Macroinvertebrate mounting media / medium by Masters Company Inc.

CMCP is a colourless, non resinous, water miscible mounting medium for permanent transparent mounts. This medium used like Canada Balsam, it can be used to mount almost any material, provided it is not stained, calciferous material, or thin tissue sections. This mounting media has the advantage of allowing live or preserved specimens to be mounted directly from water or alcohol.

Free living nematodes and live parasitic worms are among the organism suitable for mounting with CMCP. The CMCP mounting provide then with rapid relaxation, death, and clearing action.

CMCP-9 Low viscosity Mountant   SDS
CMCP-10 High Viscosity Mountant   SDS

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 30-05-2024
EMS18003-01 CMCP macroinvertebrate mountant CMCP-9 100ml See above $174.00 AUD
EMS18003-05 CMCP macroinvertebrate mountant CMCP-9 500ml See above $633.00 AUD
EMS18004-02 CMCP macroinvertebrate mountant CMCP-10 250ml See above $417.00 AUD