Electron microscopy cleankit

A collection of cleaning supplies for the SEM, TEM and Microtome offered at a quantity kit discount.

EMS71752:  Lint-free cloth, Pack/300
EMS71090:  Lint-free gloves, 6 pairs
EMS70705:  Duster w/nozzle, 1 can
EMS70707:  Duster Refills (Environmentally Safe), 1 case
EMS71700:  Lens tissue, 2 boxes
EMS72340:  Wooden picks, 2 x Pack/100
EMS71116:  Latex gloves, powder free, Pack/100
EMS60510:  Alconox,  1.8kg box
EMS71054:  Micro Cleaning Solution, 950ml
EMS71620:  All Purpose Wipes, 12 packets
EMS72310: Cotton Tipped Applicator, Single end, Pack/100
EMS71020-MTH: UltraSonic Bath Model 2510 MTH

When ordering any of the special kits, please specify particular sizes and any reasonable substitutions.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
EMS14780 Electron microscopy cleankit Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote