Cellulose acetate 35nm thick, 150 x 100mm

These sheets are available in two different plastics and three thicknesses. The material softens in Acetone and can be applied and gently pressed against a surface which was also wetted with acetone. Stripped off when dry, the replicas will hold a negative image of the replicated surface for inspection by scanning or light microscopy.

For TEM a second replica made by the evaporation of carbon and metal will produce a high resolution positive replica. Smoother and finer detail replicas require thinner replicating film. So the Triphan is better suited to the reproduction of highly sculptured surfaces.
Note: Cut pieces of film roughly rectangular (hold with tweezers), then snip off one corner (top right is the convention for notching sheet-films) Then place the film face down onto the surface to be replicated. Later, with the replica facing you, the cut corner will be in the top right position (or bottom left) and so you know which side is the replica.
20 sheets per packet.

Store at room temperature

Triphan Replicating Sheet

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