Cargille immersion oil, type LDF (EMS)

Cargille was first to introduce PCB-Free immersion oils in 1972. Though all immersion oils are now PCB free, no other immersion oil meets FDA criteria; and Cargille's exceeds ISO, DIN and all instrument manufacturer's standards.

Minimum shelf life of these immersion oils is 5 years and can be twice that.

The best immersion oil for fluorescence microscopy, LDF has extremely low background fluorescence (Cargille # 1-2). It has excellent optical values of refractive index (1.515 at sodium yellow 5893 angstroms and 1.518 at mercury green 5461 angstroms) and dispersion (41.3 for Abbe ?D) for a sharp image. It has a medium viscosity of 500 cSt. It has an odour, (1-bromonaphthalene), that some people dislike.

Technical Data - Type LDF

Safety Data Sheet - Type LDF

AVAILABILITY NOTE:  We will no longer be dispensing Cargille Immersion oil. Once our stock of dispensed oils are gone, these will be sold in the 29ml/1oz, 120ml/4oz and 473ml/8oz sizes only. 

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