Camel hair brushes (EMS)

Useful for dusting and cleaning embedding center, balances, and sensitive instruments. Camel hair is mounted on wooden handle with metal ferrule. Available with three styles

  • Paint brush style 1, camel hair portion is 1in long x 1in wide. Overall 6in long
  • Paint brush style 2, camel hair portion is 1¼in long x 2in wide. Overall 8¼in long
  • Round, camel hair portion has full body and slightly pointed tip. Brush size ¾in diameter x 1½in long. Overall length is 9in
Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 03-03-2024
EMS65576-01 Camel hair brushes (EMS) Style 1 Each 2 weeks $16.00 AUD
EMS65577-01 Camel hair brushes (EMS) Style 2 Each 2 weeks $16.00 AUD
EMS65575-01 Camel hair brushes (EMS) Round Each 2 weeks $23.00 AUD