Breathe-Easy sealing strips for petri dishes

The Breathe-Easy sealing strips for petri dishes are gas-permeable membrane in pre-cut strips.

Unimpeded Cell Growth - Strips allow for beneficial exchange of oxygen* and CO2 for cellular growth drying

Microbial Barrier - Prevent microbial and viral contamination during growth and storage of cells

Ideal Design - Strip design allows film to be protected during application; a tab remains attached for easy removal

Storage Options - Dishes sealed with Breathe-Easy strips may be incubated and/or stored and ambient temperatures, refrigerated or frozen (-80°C to 100°C)

*Exchange Rates:
O2: 553.5 cc/100in2/24 hours
CO2: 3,781 cc/100in2/24 hours
H2O Vapor: 553.5 cc/100in2/24 hours

Material Gas-Permeable Polyurethane
Temp. Range -80°C to 100°C
Sterility RNAse and DNAse free, not gamma irradiated
Dimensions 11.125" x 0.625"
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