Aurion normal serum

Normal sera are used to counteract the non-specific interaction between the sample and immunoglobulins. They can be added to the blocking solution and the incubation media. 

As a rule the normal serum species should be the same as the secondary antibody species (e.g. use normal goat serum with goat-anti-rabbit conjugates). Note: normal sera should not be used in combination with Protein A and Protein G gold reagents.

Store refrigerated 4-8°C

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-08-2022
EMS25568 Aurion normal serum Rabbit 5mL 2 weeks $193.00 AUD
EMS25570 Aurion normal serum Goat 5mL 2 weeks $129.00 AUD
EMS25572 Aurion normal serum Donkey 5mL 2 weeks $192.00 AUD
EMS25578 Aurion normal serum Sheep 5mL 2 weeks $111.00 AUD