Ampoule crackers

The Ampoule cracker is a disposable plastic fracture and safety collar, which is specially designed to aid in the breaking open of pre-scored glass ampoules. Simply slip the Ampoule cracker? over the top at the pre-scored portion, snap it, and discard both the ampoule top and the safety collar to prevent cross contamination.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-02-2024
EMS60605-04 Ampoule crackers 1-4mL Pack/500 2 weeks $121.00 AUD
EMS60605-10 Ampoule crackers 5-10mL Pack/500 2 weeks $124.00 AUD
EMS60605-20 Ampoule crackers 10-20mL Pack/500 2 weeks $199.00 AUD