DiATOME Diamond Knives

Development, Manufacturing and Customer Service since 1970

What have we achieved in this period?

  • Ultra 45° the first diamond knife with an absolutely score-free, hydrophilic cutting edge.
  • Semi the first diamond knife for alternating sectioning ultrathin/semithin.
  • Cryo the diamond knife for sectioning at low temperature.
  • Histo the first diamond knife for semithin sections for light microscopy.
  • Ultra 35° the diamond knife for optimized sectioning results in almost all applications.
  • Static Line II the ionizer for eliminating electrostatic charging in ultramicrotomy.
  • Cryo-P a cryo knife with a patented platform for section pick up.
  • Cryo immuno the optimized cryo diamond knife for the Tokuyasu technique.
  • Ultra sonic the oscillating diamond knife for room temperature sectioning.
  • Cryotrim 45 and 25 for optimizing trimming with diamond blades.
  • Ultra AFM & cryo AFM the first diamond knives for AFM at room and low temperatures.
  • Cryo 25° for sectioning frozen hydrated specimens.
  • Trimtool 45° and 20° trimming tools for both room and cryo temperatures
  • Manipulator for easy handling and mounting section ribbons

These developments were possible by the cooperation with you, our valued customers. We are convinced that our future developments will allow diamond knives to be used for many new applications.

What services can we offer you?

  • Technical assistance in all fields of ultramicrotomy.
  • Make use of our many years of experience in perfecting our knives.
  • Resharpening of knives will take approx: 6 weeks from time of returned knife.
Code Title Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Availability Price
DIA30-UL-ATS Diamond knife, Ultra ATS, 35 deg. 3.0mm 3.0mm New each 6 weeks Quote only Quote
U500 Static Line II ioniser each 4 weeks Quote only Quote