Wash-N-Dry coverslip rack, PP

Holds 10 coverslips. Fast and easy cleaning, surface-treating and drying. Can accommodate all coverglass sizes including 18, 22 and 25mm.
Durable and hassle free one piece polypropylene rack, does not require assembly and is chemically and thermally resistant. Autoclavable.
Innovative design includes a notch to secure coverslips with a rubber band or loop of monofilament.
Fits inside a 100mL beaker with space underneath for a small stirring bar.

H447 (EMS70366-16) holder fits inside H450 (EMS71424-DL) glass container

They are not acid resistant.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 22-02-2024
H447 Wash-N-Dry coverslip rack, PP Each 2 weeks $82.00 AUD