Vibrsorb vibration damping mounts

  • Isolate sensitive analytical balances and other instruments from disturbing variations.
  • Economical space saving alternative to full size balance tables.
  • Polished surface resists scratches and chemical attack.
  • Moulded from dense black & white terrazzo.
  • Platform 64mm (2.5") thick.
  • Four Vibro-Absorber? cushions and neoprene feet.
  • Supports up to 16kg (35 lbs).
  • Overall height 76mm (3").
  • Two sizes available.

Data sheet

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
EMS67120-01 Vibrsorb vibration damping mounts 450 x 560mm Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS67120-02 Vibrsorb vibration damping mounts 350 x 350mm Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote