Unimailer slide mailer

The UniMailer is a truly versatile new model mailer which can easily be used for handling and shipping one or as many slides as needed with one type of mailer.

Made from high impact polystyrene, the UniMailer; is a one-slide tray. Not only do they fit snugly on top of each other, but they are also secured by an innovative locking mechanism. You may also want to insert a tamperproof tie or attach an ID label. Each tray allows for the placing of slide in a horizontal position for full visibility. Slides can be easily inserted or removed. As well UniMailer; can also be used to provide safe storage for those valuable slides you want to protect.

It accommodates 25 x 75 mm (1in x 3in) slides with or without cover glass. The mailer measures 89 mm x 29 mm x 6 mm (3 1/2in x 1 1/8in x 1/4in).

Identification can be made on three sides or on top. The mailer is available in many popular pastel colors for easy identification.

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-06-2024
EMS71537-B Unimailer slide mailer Blue Pack/50 See above $56.00 AUD
EMS71537-G Unimailer slide mailer Green Pack/50 See above $56.00 AUD
EMS71537-P Unimailer slide mailer Pink Pack/50 See above $56.00 AUD
EMS71537-W Unimailer slide mailer White Pack/50 See above $56.00 AUD
EMS71537-Y Unimailer slide mailer Yellow Pack/50 See above $56.00 AUD