Tungsten loop filaments

Standard loop filaments for various machines.

These Electron microscope Tungsten filaments have a rigid attachment of the filament wire to the post with no possibility of waving and a minimum tip radius for a coherent beam. Rebuildable for life of the microscope.

Rebuilding services are available and include reconditioning of the base; cleaning and/or replacement of necessary parts; Installment of new standard loop or special filament tip; Pre-centering; Vacuum normalising; and Microscopic inspection.

EMS81022: Hitachi S-type

EMS81036/8: ISI Instruments, ABT, Topcon

EMS81040: Zeiss Instruments, Tescan, Leo

EMS81020: Cambridge S Series, AEI, Novascan, Semco, and Nanolab

EMS81041: Hitachi K-type

EMS81044: Philips, FEI

EMS81046: Hitachi S-Type HOC

EMS81024: All Amray instruments (except Amray 1200 Series)

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS81020 Tungsten loop filaments Cambridge Box/10 See above $571.00 AUD
EMS81022 Tungsten loop filaments Hitachi S-type Box/10 See above $1,285.00 AUD
EMS81024 Tungsten loop filaments AMRAY Box/10 See above $1,420.00 AUD
EMS81036 Tungsten loop filaments ISI, 2 prong Box/10 See above $986.00 AUD
EMS81038 Tungsten loop filaments ISI, 3 prong Box/10 See above $860.00 AUD
EMS81038-R Tungsten loop filaments ISI, 3 prong (rebuilt) Each See above $106.00 AUD
EMS81040 Tungsten loop filaments Zeiss Box/10 See above $1,207.00 AUD
EMS81041 Tungsten loop filaments JEOL K-Type Box/10 See above $1,196.00 AUD
EMS81044 Tungsten loop filaments Pillips Box/10 See above $1,086.00 AUD
EMS81046 Tungsten loop filaments Hitachi S-Type HOC Each See above $1,711.00 AUD