Thermal microbeads

Thermal Microbeads

  • Effectively heat and cool samples in most water and dry baths
  • Reduce sample contamination in applications requiring water and ice
  • Support tubes and bottles, eliminating the need for floating racks and bottle weights
  • Thermal Microbeads are autoclaveable and solvent resistant
  • For use in water/drybaths, ice pans/ buckets, Microbead Chambers and Microbead bag
  • Available in two sizes: 2.5-3mm and 4-4.5mm (XL)

Microbead Bag

  • Nylon mesh bag with drawstring closure for storing, cleaning, using and transporting Thermal Microbeads
  • 5L capacity
  • Designed to fit our Ice Buckets
  • Store Microbeads in the freezer and remove when ready for use
  • Place Microbead Bag in an ice bucket on top of Cool Bricks for prolonged cooling
Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS68605-10 Thermal microbeads 2.5-3mm beads 1L See above $190.00 AUD
EMS68605-12 Thermal microbeads 4-4.5mm beads 1L See above $190.00 AUD
EMS68605-20 Thermal microbeads 5L drawstring bag Each See above $48.00 AUD