Terg-A-Zyme with protease enzyme

Combine Alconox powder with this protease enzyme to effectively remove proteinaceous soils. Ideal for pre-soaking. It also cleans reverse osmosis installations.

Enzyme-active, biodegradable, powdered detergent, Size: 1812g Box.

Applications: Healthcare instruments; Endoscope decontamination; Medical devices; Bioreactors and fermentation apparatus; Tissue culture labware; Pharmaceutical process equipment; Food and dairy surfaces; Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis filters; Fluid-transfer systems

Technical Data Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet 

Store at room temperature

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-05-2024
M033 Terg-A-Zyme with protease enzyme Each See above $165.00 AUD
M033-9 Terg-A-Zyme with protease enzyme Case/9 See above $1,032.00 AUD