Tally counter

An intuitive differential cell counter that simplifies blood cell counts. With sturdy solid construction with firm dependable keys.

TT02 Two Cell Tally Counter
A counter with two count buttons, including a range of 0 to 999, with a solitary reset button. It comes with removable identifcation tabs.

TT06 Six Cell Tally Counter
A counter with five buttons and a total unit (0 to 999) that captures the total number of strokes from the other keys. With a total of 100 increments, the unit rings bell. When the unit totals 100, each figure relating to the individual buttons automatically shows the percentage. Two reset knobs, removable tabs at the top of the counter, include an area for identification of the classification being tallied. The key legend strips are easily removed to allow customisation.

Code Title Cells Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
TT02 Tally counter Two cell Each 2 weeks $295.00 AUD
TT06 Tally counter Six cell Each 2 weeks $707.00 AUD