Stripper for Crystalbond 509

Crystalbond 509 stripper is used to remove Crystalbond 509

It has a very low rate of evaporation, is easily removed with water, is not flammable, is not reactive with metals, and is biodegradable.

Ultrasonic systems operating at 50-60?C are ideal for these cleaning agents. The evaporation rate is much slower than acetone, so a good lifecycle will be achieved in comparison. As adhesive residue begins to concentrate in the stripper, 20% of the stripper should be replaced with fresh material. However, the use of the stripper is more appealing than using acetone because it prevents exposure to vapors that could be harmful.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-05-2024
I509-S Stripper for Crystalbond 509 946ml See above $281.00 AUD
I509-S-GAL Stripper for Crystalbond 509 3785ml See above $536.00 AUD