Stage micrometers, SM-4

The SM-4 is a linear X axis scale of one inch, and our most widely used stage micrometre. The SM-4 combined with traceable NIST calibration enables you to be efficient and reliable in your measurements. The superior quality of the line edge at divisions of 10 μm makes it the preferred choice for high power magnification.

1.0 inch/25 mm X-Axis Linear Stage Micrometer


Glass Size 25mm x 75mm
Scale Length 1" (English) X-axis only
25mm (Metric) X-axis only
Divisions English = 0.0005"; Metric = 10µm (0.01mm)
With numerical labelling every 0.1mm and 0.05"
Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS60210-4PG Stage micrometers, SM-4 Chrome on glass Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS60210-4PGC Stage micrometers, SM-4 With calibration Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote