Staccup beakers

Stacup beakers are plastic and disposable.

* Resistant to most chemicals. 

* Frosted marking area.  

* Customary and metric graduations.  

* Anti-drip ridge.  

* Heavy gauge polypropylene

* Suitable for parafilm cover

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 06-03-2024
EMS60950 Staccup beakers 120ml Pack/25 2 weeks $101.00 AUD
EMS60952 Staccup beakers 120ml Pack/100 2 weeks $306.00 AUD
EMS60960 Staccup beakers 500ml Pack/25 2 weeks $158.00 AUD
EMS60962 Staccup beakers 500ml Pack/100 2 weeks $513.00 AUD