SPM calibration specimens -150-1D

Accurate measurements of sub 0.5 micron features are increasingly important as nanotechnology develops and as conventional microfabricated structures (semiconductors, magnetic data storage devices, optical data discs) shrinking. The model 150-1D with a nominal period (pitch) of 150nm, one dimensional, fabricated on a transparent substrate (Aluminum lines on glass) is the new tool to support this work.

Code Title Surface Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 01-03-2024
EMS80125-1D SPM calibration specimens -150-1D unmounted Each 2 weeks $1,680.00 AUD
EMS80125-1D-AFM SPM calibration specimens -150-1D AFM Each 2 weeks $1,962.00 AUD
EMS80125-1D-PIN SPM calibration specimens -150-1D SEM Pin Each 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS80125-1D-X SPM calibration specimens -150-1D Choose mount Each 2 weeks $1,962.00 AUD