Sedgewick Rafter coverglass

These are used to create precise volumes of liquid to enable counting of particles in a specified volume of liquid. A thick slide (glass or plastic) has an area cut into its surface that will hold precise volumes of bathing fluid. The shallow well, facilitating easy counting of contained particles. In use, a single drop of liquid is placed on the slide and a coverglass is placed on the platform providing equal and accurate subdivisions of the fluid each of which can be observed for particle counting.

For use in water analysis, culture inspection, and any fluid where particles per unit volume need to be determined.

Available in two versions

  1. S50 is an economically priced plastic cell.
  2. S52 is made from glass, with a chromium surface image. This is intended for professional use and when using phase contrast. In each type, a central cell is filled with fluid and a coverglass limits the volume to 1 milliliter. The grid subdivides this into micro-liters.

S51 is the spare cover glass for S50 and S52. Each cell is supplied with one cover glass.

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS68050-50 Sedgewick Rafter coverglass S-50 Each See above $105.00 AUD
EMS68050-51 Sedgewick Rafter coverglass S51 Each See above $46.00 AUD
EMS68050-52 Sedgewick Rafter coverglass S-52 Each See above $465.00 AUD