Section block

A new class of blocking solutions based on chemically modified and fragmented ultra-pure casein. Effectively reduces unwanted binding of primary antibody and conjugates you use to charged surface of the slide and tissue section. Greatly reduces non-specific binding while preserving the specific reaction, by saturating potential non-specific protein-protein interactions. Moreover, in contrast to BSA-based, IgGm casein or serum-based blocking solutions there is no interaction of specific antibody and blocking protein itself. or oth Is not comparable to other commercially available or home-made blocking solutions. Recommended for research and diagnostic pathology, especially for retrieved sections and polyclonal antibodies.

Technical data sheet

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 05-03-2024
EMS62710 Section block 50ml 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS62711 Section block 125ml 2 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS62712 Section block 500ml 2 weeks Quote only Quote