Santovac Oil 5

Pressure @ 25 deg. C: 4 x 10-10 torr
Boiling Point @ 0.5 torr: 275 deg. C
Density @ 25 deg. C: 1.198

Diffusion pump fluid. A polyphenyl ether which is capable of near 10-10 torr in an ideal system. Santovac 5 by Santovac Fluids, Inc. has extreme oxidation resistance and produces very low column contamination since it is one of the most radiation-resistant fluids available. Ultra low vapour pressure results in low ultimate pressures; there is no need for a cold trap and it is suitable for diffusion pumps. Tests have shown this fluid to be physiologically inert.
Santovac 5 may discolour with use but it will maintain its physical properties.

Typical physical properties of Santovac 5

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