Safety label cryo Tough-Spots

Safety Tough-Spots

Temperature Resistant - From -196°C to 80°C

Save Time - Preprinted Tough-Spots make labelling and identifying samples quick and easy. Use the numbered Tough-Spots to identify a series of samples - no handwriting or printing needed.

Safety - Lab safety is always a top priority. Use the Biohazard or Radioactive Tough-Spots to identify tubes or other vessels containing hazardous materials.

Each ToughSpot has a different colour to identify similar samples and also includes a white area for a note.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 30-05-2024
EMS77593-14 Safety label cryo Tough-Spots Biohazard Roll/1000 See above $70.00 AUD
EMS77593-18 Safety label cryo Tough-Spots Radioactive Roll/1000 See above $77.00 AUD