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Ruthenium Tetroxide Aqueous 0.5% Sol.

In Crystal form: RuO4   F.W. 165.70   CAS #20427-56-96
m.p. 25.4 deg. C b.p. 40 deg. C
Ruthenium tetroxide is very similar to Osmium tetroxide, and is used as a fixation/staining agent for electron microscopy. Ruthenium tetroxide offers excellent staining of saturated and unsaturated polymer materials as well as stabilizing thin sections under the bombardment of the electron beam.
NOTE: Penetration of ruthenium tetroxide into the tissue is poor. 

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EMS20700-05 Ruthenium Tetroxide Aqueous 0.5% Sol. 5x10mL No ETA $444.00 AUD