Round coverglass, No.1.5

These coverglass which are made from German glass can be used for growing and culturing cells that normally have poor adhesion to plastic or regular glass surfaces. The 5 mm size will fit inside the 96 well plates and still have enough room to pick up from the bottom of the well with forceps. The 8 mm size fits inside the 24 well plates. Available with #1½ (0.16-0.19 mm) thickness. Packaged in convenience size: 100 per box. 

Code Title Diameter Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
EMS72296-05 Round coverglass, No.1.5 5mm Pack/100 2 weeks $142.00 AUD
EMS72296-08 Round coverglass, No.1.5 8mm Pack/100 2 weeks $88.00 AUD