Reusable desiccant cartridges

These desiccant cartridges can be used in desiccator cabinets or non-vacuum desiccators, analytical balance cases, and precision laboratory instruments. The clear polystyrene dish allows for instant visual inspection of the silica gel colour which changes from blue to pale pink as it absorbs moisture.

A highly porous membrane covers the dish of the desiccant providing good moisture absorption. The desiccant can be regenerated by heating cartridges in an oven at 50°C overnight. For rapid drying, cut the membrane and transfer the spent gel crystal into a glass or porcelain dish. Then place it in a 150°C oven for one hour.

The silica gel is inert and non-toxic. Each cartridge is individually sealed in aluminium foil. Dispose of the cartridges after repeated use. 

Cartridges come in two sizes: 

  • Small - 65mm diameter
  • Large - 100mm diameter
Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS71212-02 Reusable desiccant cartridges Small Pack/6 See above Quote only Quote
EMS71212-04 Reusable desiccant cartridges Large Pack/6 See above Quote only Quote